Note and Canada 2012: Photo

It looks like I’ve failed to keep up again; I’m still studying for that pesky MCAT. I take it in less than a month so I’ve very little time otherwise or, actually, I may but I feel far too guilty not spending it on prep. I sincerely hope to boost this blog once it’s complete though. I’ve got entry upon entry backlogged, either on paper or in computer files. I’ve got folders of photos. I mean, I hardly wrote about France — that list of sites seen is just not cutting it for me — and I went to both Italy and Ireland after that, had some awesome times around Manchester back in England, moved back to the United States, took some trips in the United States, and went to Canada. There’s totally some blog worth in there, right? But for now, I’ll postpone because if I really think about it, an atlas is a map or a chart or an illustration or a diagram on any subject. The “atlas” I’m using right now in my studying is guiding my future. When I’m done, I’ll pull out the old atlas and map out my past.


Guess where? 😀

*PS. I did that thing again where I forgot a memory card and had to use internal memory hence the photos set to super low quality.


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"I've got a plan, I've got an atlas in my hands."

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