Indianapolis 2012: Nationals

So… Why the trip to Indiana? Competitive cheerleading, of course! 🙂


To be honest, up until university, most of my traveling came only as a result of my years and years with cheerleading. Travels around Michigan for regional and state competitions, travels around the country for national competitions. Tennessee, Wisconsin, the unfortunate year where nationals fell at home in Michigan, Mississippi, and on. (Oh, and that awesome time when our team won the opportunity to go to China. You know that, was awesome). Last year, my sister even went to Vegas though I honestly found it an inappropriate location for a family trip.

I no longer cheer and I no longer coach, but my sister does both and here we are for her. We’ve been exploring the city, beautiful old buildings and classic charm included, doing some shopping and a bunch of eating. Last night was the competition. Her team took second in the division, :). (Alhamdulillah.)

I’ll review some restaurants tomorrow but without a camera on me, it’s hard to share the charm.


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