Wales 2012: Travel Bloopers

Yesterday, I went to Wales to see it’s castles. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you the story of seeing those castles, along with shorelines, mountains, and cozy towns.


But today? Today, it’s about my travel bloopers which, it seems, is quite the trend with my visiting Wales. Remember the first time? When I missed the trip? Well, I didn’t do that again so it could have been worse, ;-). But as I was walking to the campus building where the coach would be, I noticed it was a beautiful morning, bright and colorful, and as I had a few minutes (or twenty) before the bus came, I figured it’d be a perfect chance to shoot some photos of *my* campus… Until I noticed my SD card was there and remember it was still in my computer! :O I had to set my camera to take photos at only two megapixels (excuse me while I make faces at their quality) so that it could hold about 30 internally. You know, 30 is still tough for a traveler. It taught me to consider shots though and really question what I wanted to preserve. Was it the front view of the castles that I could find on postcards or the internet anywhere? No, not at all. It’s the image you catch walking through a passageway or a bright building down the street that catches your eye. It’s the view out the window of the castle that takes your breath away and calls you to sit and appreciate it for a minute. That’s what I want to remember.


About Toni Lupro

"I've got a plan, I've got an atlas in my hands."

2 responses to “Wales 2012: Travel Bloopers

  1. I like how you took the forgotten SD card up as a challenge! Can’t wait for the castle pictures 🙂

    • It was either a personal challenge or momentary sadness so I went for the challenge! 🙂 iA the photos will be up soon… Lol, I ended up on another trip before they were posted, :x.

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