Macedonia 2012: The Final Days


The four of us, my uncle, aunt, and cousin, headed to the heart of Skopje for a nice dinner in the city center. It was the perfect way to celebrate my visiting, delicious cuisine and a beautiful setting. Speaking of delicious cuisine, the Italian restaurant we ate at definitely met expectations. My spinach filled tortellini covered in a tomato basil sauce and plenty of cheese was savory and fulfilling, the fresh orange juice made on site is worthy of suggestion, and the dessert? Well, does chocolate cake with a gooey steaming hot inside served with a side of creamy rich ice cream ever really fail? My cousin and I did sort of fail in our coffee order though. Meant to accompany our dessert, we learned that it was a frozen drink served in a minature shot glass, something like ice cream and a second dessert itself. Of course, we had no complaints with this, ;-). Skopje comes alive at night; when the sun goes down, the lights come on. The fountains glow in colors and the crowds fill the area. If you ever visit, I think I can suggest a nice dinner at one of the cafes, maybe even seated outdoors on a warm summer night, without running the risk of any disappointment.


Yes, we did spend hours getting ready because we felt like a looking nice. When you look nice, you feel nice; it’s a fact of life, no?


Just another day in the city: shopping, coffee and conversation in the fresh, warm summer weather, and, you know, exploring a fort area. No big deal on that last part. The Skopje or Kale fortress is surrounding by a green area, perfect for smiling family picnics and romantic dates. However, I suggest not being one of *those* couples in public.



A drive up the winding mountain rodes and a ten minute ride up the rest in the cable car and there we were at Millennium Cross situated at the peak of Vodno mountain. For a tourist attraction, it was ridiculous cheap at only 100 denari or just over 2 USD. At the top, you can take in the sights of Skopje from one side or the beautiful mountain ranges from the other. There is a cafe and the chance the ride an elevator up the cross where you can walk out onto one of the horizontal bits. We, however, sat on the benches, watching the children and dogs play, eating chocolate croissants and sunflower seeds, sipping on our fresh juice (all packed, by the way… you can definitely save while exploring!), and indulging in final leisurely conversation.


There you are, the final three days… And here I am… Back in the United Kingdom… Back to reality: sociology papers, cleaning, shopping, and all the rest, ;-).


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2 responses to “Macedonia 2012: The Final Days

  1. Sounds like a great trip!! I would so love to go. Pretty dress đŸ™‚

    ~ Shaza ~

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