Macedonia 2012: Shopping in Denari

*Which reminds me; I need to get some denari to take bake to the US, ;-). Preferably coins as I have a killer project in mind, :).

The other day, my cousin, a friend of hers, and I went into town to do what girls are known for: shopping. Of course, I’ve already wrote about how I’m not a huge fan, but it was still nice to go in and out of malls, check out the advanced European fashions, and lust over a few things.

My purchase of the day? You guessed it, another scarf. 480 denars/10 dollars. Not even a deal for a hijab, but this shop just had too many scarves screaming at me to not leave with one. The bright, over the top color patterns had me in love, but I know myself all too well and settled on a more subdued white-based print:


Lovely, yeah? 😉

Tansu had been talking about this vegetarian restaurant in town and what better time to finally try in than in the midst of a hard day at the mall? The rice noodles, fresh greens, and baby corn with a sweet chili sauce blended together into a sticky mess that almost melted in my mouth with it’s perfect combination of flavors. We also indulged in something that’s been quite the addition to my visit: two scoops. A refreshing cone of ice cream and a warm cup of delight tend to be a reoccurring theme with my travels if I’m honest. There’s something comforting in each; they can remind you of home while simultaneously introducing you to a way of the culture at hand. Oh, and in case you were wondering (I know you were), I had strawberry and hazlenut in Bitola, fresh berries and chocolate in Ohrid, and cream with a berry swirl and nutella in Skopje, always something fruity with something rich.

What’s the one thing you *must* try everywhere you go? 🙂

*Must. Always. Carry. Camera.


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