Macedonia 2012: Welcome to Ohrid

My Ohrid in Bullets:

  • More family! Including my very elderly aunt, her “babushka,” and endless hugs, kisses, and coos.
  • More food! Including this really delicious but hard poppy seed bread that reminded me of a stone bagel*.
  • More tea! (Though this time it was served in tea cups designed with the nazar or evil eye — loved it.)
  • More exploring!
  • Paradise.
  • Paradise.
  • Paradise.
  • More rain!
  • More film watching!
  • Recording my candidacy for MSA treasurer six time zones away.

*I’ll try to write about some Macedonian foods soon, insha’Allah.


About Toni Lupro

"I've got a plan, I've got an atlas in my hands."

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