Up in the Air: Manchester to Zurich


Why are you going to Macedonia?”, asked the woman working the check-in counter at the Manchester Airport. Macedonia isn’t a popular flight from the UK and she was wondering “what I was doing there.”  She “thought maybe I was going to work or something.” She’s right, of course, Macedonia isn’t a number one tourist destination… One number two, three, four, or five.

So why am I going? The answer’s simple: I have family there. Not Macedonian family, actually, but maternal Albanian family. My grandma spent her childhood and young adult years in Macedonia. My mom spent her youthful summers in Macedonia. I will spend two weeks of my Easter holiday from university in Macedonia.

There are no grand plans as of now, but there’s my culture to indulge in, family to reunite with, and the distinct feel of Eastern Europe to look forward to. Countries are packed on top of each other, too, mere train rides away. Who knows what this trip will bring.

Look forward to photos, history of the country, history of the family, language lesson, day-to-day recountings, and all the rest.


About Toni Lupro

"I've got a plan, I've got an atlas in my hands."

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