Switzerland 2012: A Night in Zurich

I originally wrote a long entry about my night in Zurich which has now been published as private because I was definitely not in the best state to write and I don’t think anybody is interested in reading whining, ;-).

Instead, here are some bullets:

  • Switzerland ends the day early and the airport is no exception. If your flight lands at 9-something, don’t bank on grabbing a bite to eat or the terminals to be open all night.
  • Though if you’re really “lucky,” like me, you might catch a little shop before it closes where you can “fill up” with an apple and Arizona iced tea. Hehe, ;-).
  • “Nothing in Switzerland is cheap.” – Woman at Customs
  • The Franc is the currency used. I’m beginning to find my Euros useless, :-P.
  • If you ever get the chance, try vanilla gipfeli. (Above all else, take this away from this post. Seriously.)
  • I spent the night on my “bed” of chairs outside a coffee shop in the eerie empty foyer of the airport which is where I was directed if I wanted to spend the night. I had about five hours to kill before I could start checking in so a hotel in the city seemed like far too much hassle. A young Swedish man about my age did the same so I guess I wasn’t alone in this thought.
  • If you’re a female Muslim who wears a scarf, I’d anticipate being stopped. I’ve never been stopped in any other country, but went through extra searches here each time I passed through security, :-/.

I’m hoping for lunch during the layover on the way home so here’s to that, :-). Until next time…


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