English Week(days): Manchester 3

Thursday 5 April

Have you ever started to meet people while spending time abroad only to realize that they’re already quite busy with their life in that country? That’s been my experience with my university friends in England, girls often preoccupied with their education, jobs, family obligations, and the list goes on. So what better time to catch up than a three week break? 😉 A quick Facebook message to a list of girls and we were good to go, :-).

Only one of us lucky girls has a car and she kindly volunteered to pick us up for this date, but living where I do meant I still had to get myself to the meeting point. Do you ever feel like taking a new route? Yeah, me too. Do you ever momentarily regret it when you think you’re completely lost? Yeah, me too. Let’s just say, I have a new perspective to Salford and got some exercise in for the day, ;-). Oh, and I stumbled across this beautiful building before rewarding myself with a McDonald’s vanilla cone for the wait:Image

What does a group of girls do in Manchester?

  • Nandos!: Since my second week in England, the girls had been insisting  that I try this restaurant, especially since Manchester has a halal branch! I’ll go ahead and extend the recommendation, but warn that if you’re like me, even the “mild” sauces are enough to set your mouth on fire.
  • Subway: My friend Fatima proved to me that Brits really *do* need their tea even if it means stopping at the local Subway.
  • Picadilly Gardens and Market Street: …Shopping, of course. One of the girls had to shop for her sister’s birthday and I wanted to enjoy the day. If you’re in Manchester, this area has all of the typical high street shops and, with the start of spring, street performers, food carts, and all of the other city treasures.

Nothing of a revolutionary travel day, but Manchester is *my* city and it’s always nice to enjoy it with a good group of girls, :-).


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