My First Time…: On a Train!

:O I can’t believe I nearly forgot to mention this in my last English Weekends post! I guess after seeing all of those old locomotives in the museum, I just could resist, ;-).

Okay, okay, I’ll be honest, it spilled to my friend that I hadn’t yet been on a train in England (I didn’t tell her that I’d *never* been one before though) and she insisted that we take one back to Salford… And you know what? I was alright with that, ;-). It was actually really cheap considering adding a return to the 1.50 ticket was only 10p. I only know because I accidently did this, haha.

The experience itself was… Well, it was stuffy! It was about 7 — every sheet full, people standing in masses, you know the picture. Riding in a train is different than other transit though… It’s smooth. When you glance out the windows, the world passes by in a blur, but not rough and shaken, perfectly smooth, one scene rolling into the next. I’m unable to eloquently describe the view, but maybe you guys just know what I’m pushing for from your own experiences.

One of the “bullet points” on my Bucket List is to ride a train through Europe. While Manchester to Salford in it’s five minutes glory is far from check worthy, it’s a small step toward my goal which, by the way, I think will be qualified only by crossing into another country at minimum — something I’m hoping to do very soon (look out for a future travels commentary soon!).

Have you ever been on a train? What was your favorite trip? 🙂


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