English Weekends: Manchester 1

Featuring: The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) and the Curry Mile (more formally known as Rusholme)

The company: Yusrina, a fellow Muslimah studying at the University of Salford from Malaysia and one of the most sincere and sweet girls I’ve ever met. She taught me some tricks for navigating Manchester (such as the free buses that cover quite a lot of ground once you get into the city!) and her genuine laugh made for an easy going, fun day out.


After our foot journey from housing all the way to MOSI (that included going way out of our way, of course), we were ready to see this museum that we’ve both heard positive things about. It was massive — I’m talking *five buildings* massive! Woman’s intuition must have been in full swing because the exact building and floor we chose to start on was the hands on interactive exhibit and let’s just say we blended right in with the kids, :P. See!:


What you *can’t* see if that through the mirror, there was a skeleton mimicing my motions. So we took a non-flash photo:


We did eventually move on from that floor… Begrudgingly. Some of the science informational displays made me think of formulas and time spent at lab benches, I won’t lie, ;-). The trains, planes, computers, electronics were something to look at and, in some cases, marvel over, but not captivating enough to make me want to stay long at each site, reading and jotting down notes.


My second favorite exhibit featured replicas of homes from the past — is it possible to feel nostalgic over something you’ve never experienced?


Here’s what the museum included (that we actually got to see!) overall from the handy site map handed to us:

  • Building one: The Great Western Warehouse, including (G) Revolution Manchester and Textiles Gallery AND (1) Experiment! and Manchester Science
  • Build two: 1830 Warehouse, including (G) Electricity Gallery with Computing in Manchester Display and Warehouse for the World AND (2) Connecting Manchester, and (1) and (4) just read Temporary Exhibition Space so I cannot remember specifics — whoops!
  • Building three: Station Building (this one was confusing because we thought it was just the old station at first, but there was this awesome underground museum there!), including (B) Underground Manchester including the Victorian Sewer AND (G) Gas Gallery, the Making of Manchester, Community Exhibition Gallery, Wasted — The Trouble With Rubbish, and Liverpool and Manchester Railway Exhibition
  • Building four: Power Hall, Working Mill Engines and Locomotives
  • Building five: Air and Space Hall, Air and Road Transport Collection

As you can see, there is plenty to do and we could have very well made a few trips there. If you’re in the area, I suggest checking it out! It’s (again) massive with something to interest everyone… And the best part? It’s absolutely FREE!


The Curry Mile:

We had to hop on a free bus for this one, winding all throughout Manchester and taking me past a million places I feel I absolutely *need* to visit before I leave, and then a city bus from Manchester University down. If the name doesn’t tell you, this is essentially a strip of restaurants and shops serving predominately the Desi community but the greater Muslim community as well. We wandered in and out of shops and well… We ate! Which leads me to the next point…

Everything was halal! Since Salford offers no halal shops, I have not had the motivation to trek merely for meat when I’m not much of a carinvore in the first place… So the only time I get meat, besides the vegetable substitutes I often cook with, is when I’m out! There were not only Desi restaurants, but American, Arab, and East Asian options as well! My dining choices (yes, in order):

  • A simple cone of pineapple ice cream, mmm. That’s another thing I don’t get enough of here — dessert!
  • A Desi dessert that I cannot remember the name of, but maybe somebody can help me out? It’s looks like a bunch of curly lines, is fried and crunchy, and has a sticky, syrupy something on it. That doesn’t help at all, does it?
  • Shawarma! The United States needs to learn from this shop. They made your shawarma Subway style: you chose a meat, your sauces, and sides. I loaded my chicken choice up with pickles, olives, lettuce, and spicy potatos with plenty of garlic sauce. I think this restaurant deserves a revisit… Seriously.

Well, that was my weekend (okay, well, Sunday is the weekend too, yes, but I had an essay to write!). What about yours? 🙂


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