English Weekends: Salford Quays

Sometimes, I like to share information I learned or talk about my company, but today, I just want to share some photos and a little bit of text as I go.

I’ve wondered over to Salford Quays once before today, but that time with legitimate work in mind as we had a Islamic Awareness Booth in the University of Salford building on the Media City campus. Of course, even with bags of materials in hand, I still managed to snap a few photos then…

But after some plans with a friend fell through, I made a plan in my mind last night to head out solo to the Quays once more, but this time with the intention to explore a little bit. Specifically, I wanted to see the Lowry Gallery and the Imperial War Museum because, well, they were the big attractions there and, to top it off, *free.*

I went into the Lowry Outlet Mall first, just to see. I’m not much of a shopper, but if I was, it’d be the perfect place. I also bumped into a Baskin Robbins — the first I’ve seen in England. Why didn’t I go back for some ice cream again?! :/ Oh, and *this* store:

Mmm, delicious Cadbury, why aren't you an American thing?!

The whole shopping scene didn’t quite do it for me so I was out of there almost as fast I was in… And over to the Lowry Gallery! There were two exhibits, one on Lowry himself and one on Annie Lenox (who, I’ll be honest, I hadn’t even heard of prior). When I’m an active museum-er, I’ll jot down quotes I like or maybe the name of my favorite piece so to share some…


  • On his switch in focus from industry scenes to (very depressing in appearance) people: “‘Isn’t it awful that I have to create them,’ he asked, ‘Why do I do it?'”
  • “I cannot make people look cheerful.”
  • “Look at my seascapes. They don’t really exist, you know; they’re just an expression of my own loneliness.”

He, as you might imagine, was a bit depressing in his portrayals, but it spoke to me today. I don’t believe I captured anything of his to share, actually, but here’s just one photo I caught at the Lenox exhibit:

A desktop display (underneath glass) of Annie's musical notes, self-reminders, etc.

After the Lowry, I took the first of the foot bridges across the water to the side of the Imperial War Museum. The footbridges are intricate themselves in architecture — very modern and sterile like much of the Quays design, something that I’ve always found nice enough to look at but likely to lose its appeal in just years when it’s no longer, well, modern. I walked around for a bit and snapped a few more shots:

From the first one:
1. Manchester United field (which I couldn’t for the life of me figure out for to walk directly up to).
2. The Lowry Outlet from across the water.
3.  Sculpture near the footpath along the water.
4. Footbridge one and the Lowry Gallery.
5. Footbridge two.

And finally… The Imperial War Museum!

Also modern and sterile...

I won’t lie, I wasn’t as active in my museum pursuits here. I was distracted and had a headache and just sort of gazed. I did catch a few good quotes though, :).

The special exhibit was called Once Upon A Wartime and focused on stories intended for children featuring none other than… War! Some of the ones I noted were Carrie’s War, The Silver Sword, and Little Solider from which I jotted this jem down:

We all have different identities
We might come from different countries or believe in different religions
We might like different kinds of music or support different football teams
But if you had to become a solider, your identity would change”
– Bernard Ashley

Next, was the main exhibit. This is where I really stopped paying close attention. I walked through here and there, but the lay out wasn’t straightforward at all and there’s a chance I missed a good amount and the lighting was dim and I couldn’t focus to read much or pick up too many interesting facts. There were mines, uniforms, shelters, cars, weapons, letters, planes, flame throwers, and so much more. It was actually very, very nice so maybe if I find another day, I’ll go back and give it the attention it deserves. I did fall in love with one room though with stacks and stacks of suitcases and “tags” of quotes hanging opposite. My favorite quote:

“…people think they were fighting for something that’s going to be an uplift and it’s going to make everything better. It doesn’t. War never makes anything better…”
– Ruby Ord

…but hey, maybe that’s my inner pacifist coming out. The suitcases, apparently, “those forced to pack their bags in search of safety.”

Neat, huh?!

And finally, I just want to show you one of the most interesting pieces I’ve ever seen…

The Crusade!

If I am able to find out more about it, I’ll definitely update, but for now this is long (and boring) enough so…

Until next time, ;).


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