A Note From The Past

We made it to the airport in perfect timing. A few minor mishaps killed time, but not not in a way that I was constantly focused on the wait: the check-in machine absolutely refused to read my passport, the need for some suitcase content shuffling, and some extra time wasted as I was screened. No frustrations; it simply kept me busy. After hugging my family goodbye in a scene without dramatics, I walked straight through to my terminal, waited an exaggerated maximum of ten minutes, and boarded… Where we waited and waited and waited.

We waited an hour. My layover in Atlanta was only an hour. That’s a missed flight.

Alas, here I am, writing this very short introduction from the Detroit Metro Airport, only minutes from my home, but a world away. At 9:30, I will board the flight I was rescheduled to: Detroit to Paris.

From Paris to the United Kingdom, insha’Allah, and that brings us to this blog.

This blog is a travel blog, one that will be used for all of my travels. I may reflect upon past trips, share a quick anecdote or a set of pictures, or, more frequently, I may just document by day to day life in Manchester.

Here’s to safe travels and a story worth telling, insha’Allah.

*Actually, I should tell you that by the time this is posted, I’ll likely be settled into my new English “home.”


About Toni Lupro

"I've got a plan, I've got an atlas in my hands."

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